here are the upcoming tour dates for Tedeschi Trucks Band!

exciting new projects on the horizon with Emily Zuzik, Gary Novak and Kokayi, And Nick Littlemore's Two Leaves Project, as well as new tracks on the new Empire of The Sun record.

Props to Lorde, Gail Ann Dorsey, Annie Lennox, and Gary Oldman and the rest of the Bowie band for their excellent tribute to David Bowie on the BRIT awards...


see you out there!

UPDATE 1-18-16

With great sadness, we said goodbye to David Bowie on January 10, 2016. What an artist, what a man. He was a constellation. I'm glad i got to know him and make music with him for a very short time. I certainly hope his death was devoid of any suffering and i would like to extend my condolences to his immediate family and close inner circle, whom i got to know a bit during the "?" recordings. In his honor, we played "it ain't easy" this weekend in Florida with Tedeschi Trucks Band. 

RIP David Bowie. You are missed.

and this is blowing my mind right now...


love and peace to you all///


UPDATE 1-6-16



some David Bowie Blackstar Reviews Wall Street Journal here, New York Times here, Bowie's page from the London Sunday Times here.

all i can say is "wow". peace! see you out there on the road with Tedeschi Trucks!! Tour starts jan 16 is where we'll be!!

and "Let Me Get By" is released 1-29-16...cannot wait for that either!


UPDATE 11-24-15





I'm pleased to announce that my brothers Donny McCaslin,  Jason LindnerMark Guiliana and I are the musicians playing on the most of the new David Bowie Blackstar album. Rilling Stone gave it (and us) a nice writeup here...

here is the full Blackstar Video


also equally excited to announce the release of the Tedeschi Trucks Band new record "Let Me Get By" on January 29. it's my first recording with the band. VERY proud to write and record with these artists. Even more proud to perform with these guys nightly. 


about to embark on a quick european run with Wayne Krantz and Nate Wood...We'll be in Munich, Cologne, and london next couple days. info HERE...

see you out there! These are very good days. Cherish every moment! Happy Holidays!!




UPDATE 9-13-15

Watch this! Amazing: Tedeschi Trucks and Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tribute

UPDATE 5-26-15

sorry for not updating in a minute! Lots going on. FIRST: Congratulations to Michael Wollny and Eric Schaefer for winning the 2015 Jazz Echo award for "Weltentraum"...Also to Michael for artist of the year and Eric Drummer of the year. Proud that they had me In their trio. We play Jazz Baltica Festival July 5 in northern Germany. We hope you can see a rate performance of the trio in it's original format. 

Also, The Wheels of Soul Tour is about to embark starting June 5 in Paso Robles, CA. Come see us! dates are here..

been alot going on! i've been writing and recording with Empire of the Sun, The Bright Wild (wait till you hear this...stunning) and My Friends JJ Appleton and Jason Ricci...this is one the better blues records i've heard need to check it out here. I put a video produced by the one and only Erez Sabagh on my vids page.,,

Also working hard on a new project with the one and only Emily Zuzik called Angelenos...night music for cruising around LA...loving what we have so far...stay tuned for that...and also my project with Gary Novak and Kokayi...aaaight y'all

until then, peace and LOVE 

UPDATE 3-13-15


what an incrdible year so far..been jetting back and forth between New york and Florida working on a couple VERY special records to come out early 2016...also just worked on tracks on the new Empire of the Sun record, as well as a bunch of great projects with my man Artyom Manukyan (with Troy Zeigler, Jamire Williams, Mark De Clive Lowe, Vardan Ovsepian, Gavin Salmon)...also VERY excited that SUPER EGO has begun lifting off the ground...appearances by the one nd only Kokayi and Troy Zeigler..Gary Novak and i have been working hard on it...we hope you like...i'll post a track soon...also i played on the opening track on the new Toto record (XIV) along with Keith Carlock (who SLAYS on it) and the sounds like vintage Toto...many thanks to Steve Lukather and CJ Vanston for having me on the record...also very pleased that Donny McCaslin Group is releasing "Fast Future" this month...always stoked and proud to play and record with Mark Guiliana, Jason Lindner, David Binney and Nate Wood, some of my favorite musiciains in the world...also had a GREAT time with Bob Malone, Mike Baird and Carla Ullbrich recording her cd last week...

AND far from last...i'm putting up new Tedeschi Trucks dates on my calendar...this is my family and the greatest band out there...

peace and love! tim

UPDATE 1-9-15

happy new year everyone!

pleased to announce that Toto's new record is coming out...called XIV...u played on track one with Keith Carlock and the band on that one., is a link to the album preview...Steve Lukather is an amazing dude...Thanks guys for having me on the record!!



UPDATE 11-11-2014


i can't think of a better 3 month stretch than i'm having right now....i case you hadn't heard, i ws on the cover of Bass Player Magazine in October 2014...a dream come true...thanks to the BP staff and Chris Jisi for all you have done...

currently working on a bunch of projects as a sideman, and also Emily Zuzik and i are firing up for a new EP for 2015..

continuing to tour with and love being with the Tedeschi Trucks Band family...peace to you all!!!



UPDATE 9-28-2014

HELLO! i know it's been a long time since i've said hello much has been going on, and i hope you're all doing well.

Things are great with Tedeschi Trucks Band...the band is kicking ass on many fronts. it's becoming a force of it's own. i think there's something special going on come see us out there in the universe!

we just finished my second beacon run with the much fun. so much good energy you gave us. thank you.

also i'm on the cover of Bass Player Magazine in November..thrilled and flattered to be in that position..i've been a reader fro years, and i join HEAVY company in being the featured artist.,,,(here is the link to it)...

Please stop by and grab your copy of Beat Music:The Los Angeles Imporvisations and "My Life Starts Now" by the brilliant Mark Guiliana also working on a couple of projects this fall...Super Ego with Gary Novak...guests include Kokayi, Troy Zeigler,  Falcon from TTB, and other stellar artists. this will be a good one. Expecting good reaction to the new Wayne Krantz record "Good Piranha Bad Piranha" featuring Wayne, Keith Carlock, Nate Wood and myself. A new trio record mixed by Steve Wall featuring Cameron Morgan on guitar and Adam Gust on drums will also be out. and expecting news on the new Donny McCaslin record as well as the new Toto record...stay tuned...

My signature bass from CallowHill Basses with be available soon...(specs and Pricing here)..i cannot wait...Tim Cloonan is a genius and collaborated with the BEST guys to make this a reality....and as usual i would like to thank Moollon, Ampeg MXR, Jule Amps, D'addario, DR Strings tc electronic 3Leaf Audio darkglass all rule and help me to get my SOUND..

also very excited for the new 3Leaf Audio Octabvre coming's AWESOME...has the very true sounds of both the Boss OC2 and the Mutron Octaver...and a sub bass solo switch...a must have IMHO...Spencer rules...

anyway there are new photos and gig dates up on those respective pages...hope you all are well..



UPDATE! 2-18-2014

WELCOME, Beautiful People!!

Just finished an amazing run with Tedeschi Trucks Band! Japan and India are amazing with AMAZING people guiding us along and attending our shows...eternally grateful. 

 Here is an update of our next run (Here)



UPDATE! 1-10-2014





UPDATE 12-24-13

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Love and peace to you all. 



UPDATE 11-5-13

Tedeschi Trucks in Canada! cant wait to rock Canada with these guys. Go to the  gigs page to find out where we're playing. Love to see you out there!! happy holidays!!



UPDATE OCT 17, 2013


hey all, out on tour with tedeschi trucks band this fall...really incredible band. so fun to play with these guys and gal. We're taping Conan O brien Oct 21 so be sure to tune in.that noght on TBS..lotta irons in the fire right now. some great co- writing going on with Kasi Jones, emily Zuzik, and Jason Joseph..

also Tim Cloonan from Callow Hill Basses is now designing a "LaFave" special Tele style p bass...stay tuned for that...should be rad..

and thank you to Jim Dunlop USA, Aguilar Amplification, D'addario and Planet Waves and Moollon for keeping my sound huge out here on the road...



UPDATE SEP 2 2013...

hope everyone is well...just got back from MA, where i re-charged the batteries for what is lining up to be a very busy fall..i've been asked to join the Tedeschi Trucks band for the foreseeable future...VERY excited about this...tour dates are here..



UPDATE July 29

I was forced by HIGH shipping prices (to the point where i was LOSING money shipping cd/dvd to europe) ro raise the prices here on the site at the sorry folks...i hate it worse than you do.

Anyway, i updated my upcoming dates...see you out there i hope!



UPDATE July 23

folks, i have been having THE best time on tour with Tedeschi Trucks band..aweomse players and singers, some of the very best i've worked with, and just fun and lovely people. it's been unforgettable. and the dudes from black crowes, chris r., gorman, alan, sven, are rock and roll royalty and all around awesome people. chris r has moderate to very good basketball skill...hahah! Anyway i wanna thank Ryan Murphy, Bobby Tis, Duncan Lothian, Brian Speiser, Chris King, David Trucks, Marc Lowenstein, Blake Budney, JJ Johnson and Derek Trucks for facilitating this happening...

Next up is a recording in LA produced by Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun, and the Newport Jazz Festival with Donny McCaslin, Nate Wood, and Jason Lindner on August 4. Then off to Germany for a bunch of gigs with Michael Wollny, Eric Schaefer, Nils Landgren, and Wolfgang Haffner...I will have all those dates up soon...thank you!!




UPDATE June 1, 2013....

Lots of exciting stuff happening, such as this...see you out on the road..also some new productions coming out...see you soon and all the best!!



UPDATE April 3 2013

plenty going on! just finished some song demos that were written with, among others, JJ Appleton and Scott Chesak (All American Rejects)..mixed by the one and only Nic Hard. Lots more to come...

Also a bunch of recordings and gigs this couple days with my friend Guy Eckstine producing and playing drums o this talented artist record (her name is Eildh McKellar, very unique style..she sings kinda bruce sprinsteen-y but her guitar shit is like Them Crooked Vultures meets Doyle Bramhall Jr.)

Also, April 18 at Vitellos with Sarah Mann (lullabye record release, super vibey record produced by doug petty), April 19, 20, 21 with Juncal Street, (the Incredible flamenco troupe i've been honored to work with) in LA, San Diego and Santa Barbara.....recording with Italian pop diva Alessandra Amroso towards the end of the month...i hear vinnie colaiuta will be on drums on some of this...FUN. something possibly brewing with the incomparable Justin Brown in early may in NYC....stay tuned...hope everyone is well out there!!

also thanks to Zachary Cohen for re-doing my bio. 



UPDATE March 18, 2013:

Happy 2013..i'm on tour with Michael Wollny Trio in Germany this week. This guy (with drummer eric schaefer) is a very talented up -and-comer. 

Lots of good stuff coming up...stay tuned..lots of new pix to take a gander at..thx!



UPDATE Jan 3 2012:

Happy 2013 everyone. Hope you all have a productive and happy 2013 out there. Lots of cool stuff coming up this year for the Lefebvre Corporation, including a cd by the artist himself, Producing 2 records for other artists, as well as collaborating on some interesting projects this year. I also will be touring with Donny McCaslin, Em Trio, and others, as well as appearing in NY, LA and all over this lovely planet of ours. Peace to y'all! xo tim



UPDATE Dec 8, 2012:

Hey all. i just got the link to the video of the remix i did for Universal Artist Eric Suen called Liao Dry "Hollywood Mix" written by Fergus Chow and remixed by yours truly. see and hear it here.

i have had a fantastic week on the east coast and in Amsterdam (1 night, actually)...great 2 nights at the Jazz Standard. Seriously, in my opinion, the working band of mark guiliana, donny mccaslin, and Jason Lindner are the TOP improvisers out there today. Can't say enough about those guys. Just immense players and improvisers. (NY Times Review Here)

Also i performed last night at Amsterdam Electric Guitar heaven 2012 with Adrian Belew, Uli jon Roth and Debashish Battacharya...all heroes of mine...playing "thela hun ginget" with Belew is a career highlight!

have a great holiday season y'all. thank you all for your support. i truly appreciate you. xo



UPDATE 11-25-12:





All i can say is WOW and thanks for all the support  and love from y'all from the Donald Fagen hit on Late Show with David Letterman...Also Jeff Babko's "Crux" was just released, featuring Ben Wendel , Matt Chamberlain, Gene Coye, Mark Isham, Walt Fowler, Tim Young, Songa Lee, and Victor Indrizzo. Go Buy It!!

I just finished a dance remix for Eric Suen, an artist on Universal in Hong Kong. 

I also just did some shows with an incredible modern-flamenco troupe called "Juncal Street"..please check them out here!

My goal is to have an Electronic music record done by mid 2013 as well as several more out Deadmau5!

Peace and Happy Holidays!


It was a BUSY September...played on America's Got Talent, several new recordings, ones i'm very much looking forward to by Pati Yang, Adrian Hibbs, Scott Kinsey (we have a new project with Gary Novak called SUper Ego).

Also I have some exiting live dates coming up with Donny McCaslin, DOnald Fagen, Gabriel Johnson, Jayson  Joseph, Austin Peralta, and a possible video shoot with Emmy Rossum of "Shameless".

I am also proud to announce that i am represented by Nancy Clayton Gassner for TV, Commercial and Movie acting appearances (info here). 

i will be banging around at Bass Player Live this year also so stop by and say hello..

All the best, Tim.


HELLO! Happy Labor Day' a crazy one here...a little Tim Lefebvre News: I played on the soundtrack of 3 recent major movie releases: "People Like Us",  "Lawless"  and " The Odd Life of Timothy Green" was great to work for Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, AR Rahman and Geoff Zanelli on these movies..

Also, i will be Appearing on "America's Got Talent" Tuesday September 4th on NBC...


and tons of new dates for the fall..stay tuned...


For a brief recap of last night's epic gig in Dublin, i suggest you go here...


How Bout That??? My Blue Whale show for june 29 is the LA Times Music Pick of the week.......tonight features Matt Mayhall, Charles Altura and Troy Zeigler...and some special guests will sit in...come out!!! 9pm


Here are the dates locations of the Wayne Krantz Nate Wood Tim Lefebvre tour for August


FUN weekend with the Botti Gang. Thx to Chris Botti and the band (billy kilson, andy ezrin, leonardo amuedo, geoffrey keezer, caroline campbell, lisa fischer) and tour manager Jeremy Plotnikoff. I will be back on tour with them in the summer of 2012, as well as Rudder, Wayne Krantz, and Donny McCaslin.


Just Finished recording Donny McCaslin's new record in NYC..with MArk Guiliana, Jason Lindner and produced by David Binney. It will be out in a couple months on Greenleaf Records.


In the middle of a whirlwind month...i'm busy ad that's a good thing!


please visit this link to download the  Wayne Krantz Group Featuring Keith Carlock and Tim Lefebvre: Live at the Iridium.

Purchase the 192 Kbps Mp3 download of the entire performance from the 15th of April.


i will be in TX with Larry Carlton May18, 19, 20 with Dennis Hamm and Gene Coye


AND: the new Beat Music is out and available...hit up mark guiliana for more info..

Hi All...after what would be classified as nothing short of a whirlwind couple of weeks, i crawl back into the fire and fly to paris 4-25 for a private event and then jump on Donny McCaslin's (Donny McCaslin) tour with Uri Caine and Rudy Royston. I will be in NY May 4-11 and have some days free for recording, teaching, songwriting. holler at me if interested. 


Also i'm off to do some hits Chris Botti and Donny McCaslin hits in the states and Europe. visit my gigs page for info...


have a great day!!!

Thx Aguilar Amplification for the hookup in the 2012 catalog!!! me me me


Hi! Hope your holiday season was great!


here is some new stuff that just went up!


the Billy Childs Quartet NYE Live at Blue Whale NPR Broadcast


Interview with Jon Liebman on For Bass Players Only


A little blurb from Chris Jisi on


my blog is up!!!! 


There will be vids and links and deep thoughts and pix from tours and stuff!!!! go now! nowwww!

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